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Fredin, Joanna

Name:Fredin, Joanna
Practice In: Business Law ,Insurance
Law Firm: Green & Ritchie, PLLC
Location:1601 Lincoln Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98660
Fax: (360) 693-7081

Brent P. Frederick is the head of the firm's Casualty Litigation Section. Brent serves as the lead litigation attorney for most of the firm's land-based injury cases, but he also plays a key role in the examination of physicians in many of the firm's other high exposure cases. The matters that Brent litigates usually involve issues of serious personal injury arising out of medical malpractice, premises liability, products liability, auto accidents, construction defects and commercial contractual disputes. Brent recently obtained a $8.5 Million jury verdict on behalf of a severely injured single mother and her three children. Before joining Jerry Dodson and Kenny Hooks, Brent was a partner in one of the state's largest defense firms. 

While working in a defense setting Brent represented most major insurance companies, handling claims arising out of all injury categories (personal injury, construction, worker's compensation, product defects) as well as coverage denials.  Brent also litigated subrogation claims on behalf of insurance companies against other insurers.  Brent continues to use the knowledge he gained from representing insurance companies in his practice today. 

Brent graduated from Tulane Law School, with honors, in 1997. He delayed the start of his legal career because he enlisted in the Louisiana Army National Guard in 1989 after completing his first year of college. The very next year Brent's Guard Unit received active duty orders to support the war effort in Operation Desert Storm. During his time with the 256th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, Brent served as a rifleman, driver and gunner for the company commander's Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

Over his career Brent has developed a particular interest and specialty in complex medical matters. Whether it be establishing that a common playground incident caused pediatric hip necrosis or that an improper administration of drugs during dialysis caused a fatal brain bleed, Brent works closely with physicians on a regular basis. He has cross-examined medical doctors and Ph.D. experts from all across the country, including those with advanced degrees from Harvard, MIT, Johns Hopkins, University of Pennsylvania, Emory, UCLA and more. Brent has also litigated cases and examined experts in over twenty-five states.

Brent is a husband and father of three children. His experience as a father has lead him to focus on representing injured children as often as possible. Knowing that he can have a positive impact on a child's life is rewarding, both personally and professionally. Brent's charitable efforts have been dedicated to children's rights and the fight against breast cancer, the latter stemming from his wife's survival from the disease. Brent is a former member of the Fore! Kids Foundation and a founding member of the Acadiana Chapter for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.


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