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Frazier, Bill

Name:Frazier, Bill
Practice In: Business Law ,Business Organization ,Estate ,Estate Planning ,Trusts ,Real Estate ,Tax
Law Firm: Frazier & Frazier
Location:2339 University Boulevard 4th Floor
Houston, TX 77005
Fax: 713-655-7150

Jacqueline Vitti Frederick – Born in New York, NY, Jacqueline Vitti Frederick later relocated to Los Angeles, California. Following her graduation from Immaculate Heart High School in 1973, Jacqueline attended California State University, Northridge and then California State University, Los Angeles. Working three jobs to support herself, Jacqueline attended the San Fernando Valley College of Law/University of LaVerne where she excelled, honing in on her gift of speech and writing and learning the art of trial practice and litigation, all while graduating in the top 10% of her class.

After graduation, Jacqueline immediately began work with the firm of Gould, Sayre and Chavez, in Santa Monica, California where she represented clients in matters of serious bodily injury claims and labor negotiations. In 1984, Ms. Frederick opened her law firm in Los Angeles focusing her practice on serious bodily injury claims and trials.

After 10 years of successful and extensive practice in Los Angeles County, Jacqueline moved to San Luis Obispo County and opened the first law office in the quaint town of Nipomo, California. Since 1991, Jacqueline has and continues to serve the communities of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties, handling a wide variety of cases ranging from complex torts, personal injuries, brain and burn injuries, injuries to children, dog bite cases, wrongful deaths, sexual assault cases, motor vehicle accidents, premise liability, construction defects, equipment failures, products liability, real estate matters, business, water law, environmental law, agriculture, fraud, employment and contract law.

Such cases have included:

• Negligence and product liability action arising out of the explosion of an oil tanker in a welding shop resulting in two deaths.
• Product Liability case involving a pressure cooker explosion resulting in severe burn injuries to a young employee.
• Wrongful Death case resulting from Medical Malpractice in which the decedent was misdiagnosed with severe asthma rather than congestive heart failure.
• Personal Injury accident against a major retail establishment involving premises liability resulting in serious multiple injuries.
• Personal Injury accident wherein minor client was the sole survivor of a devastating auto accident.
• Personal Injury case involving a faulty electrical switch resulting in the electrocution and serious permanent injuries. 
• Sexual Assault cases on behalf of the victims.
• Personal Injury case wherein postal carrier was attacked by three-pit bulls resulting in permanent scaring.
• Personal Injury action on behalf of minor child who was attacked on separate occasions by live-in tenant’s dogs resulting in permanent injuries.
• Wrongful death of minor child in which the decedent drowned in the family pool while unsupervised. 
• Personal Injury case against landowner who failed to properly restrain bulls in pasture resulting in serious auto accident and extensive injuries to the plaintiff. 
• Personal Injury case involving collapse of a deck resulting in serious bodily injuries.
• Medical negligence case involving failure to diagnose breast cancer.
• Fraud case against bank and Foreclosure Company for fraudulent foreclosure proceeding.
• Discrimination and Retaliation case by a tenured professor who was wrongfully denied promotion to full professor status.
• California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Case involving a County land use ordinance.
• Real property division actions (partition actions) involving co-owners of properties who no longer wish to be co-owners with one another.
• Real property and water law case involving farmers and farm landowners accused of disrupting the natural and history flows of water received by an adjacent landowner.

Her office also handles family law, probate and criminal cases. Ms. Frederick also offers services as a mediator, arbitrator and judge pro-tem.

In addition to her successful law practice, Jacqueline devotes time to supporting several legal and civic causes in the San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties. Fluent in English and Spanish, Jacqueline prides herself on being the voice for many who feel their own is not strong enough to be heard.

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