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Abrams, Jeffry S.

Name:Abrams, Jeffry S.
Practice In: International ,Lawsuit & Dispute ,Dispute Resolution ,Mediation
Law Firm: Jeffry S. Abrams, Attorney-Mediator
Location:3203 Mercer Street Suite 200
Houston, TX 77027
Fax: (713) 877-8587

Jeffry S. Abrams, Attorney-Mediator has been practicing law in the fields of commercial litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution since 1983. His focus has been on Alternative Dispute Resolution since 1989. He currently has a full time ADR practice with an emphasis on mediation. He has conducted approximately 3500 mediations of almost every conceivable variety including, but not limited to commercial, construction, personal injury, employment, international, Title VII, ERISA, sexual harassment, discrimination, ADA, products liability, medical and professional malpractice, toxic tort, condemnation, oil and gas, maritime, real estate, probate, arts and entertainment and almost every other type of case, involving people and companies from many different countries around the world. Mr. Abrams was also trained as an arbitrator by the American Arbitration Association and has conducted a number of arbitrations as a sole arbitrator, party-appointed arbitrator and member of arbitral tribunals.  He is one of the most well established and respected mediators in the Houston, Texas area, consistently obtaining business from both sides of the bar. He is available for mediation and ADR consultation. Mr. Abrams has been very involved in the ADR community, previously holding the positions of President of the  Association of Attorney-Mediators (AAM), national organization, President of the Houston Chapter of AAM, Chair of the Houston Bar Association Alternative Dispute Resolution Section and on the Board of Directors for the Harris County Dispute Resolution Center. He is a member of the mediation Commission of the Union Internationale des Avocats and has recently made mediation presentations in Buenos Aires, Argentina , Sydney, Australia , Washington D. C., Lisbon, Portugal, Hong Kong, China, Coolum, Australia, Geneva, Switzerland, Barcelona, Spain, New York City and Dublin, Ireland.  Mr. Abrams has been accredited as a mediator by the Center for Effective Dispute Resolution ( CEDR) in London, England. He will receive his LL.M. in International Economic Law later this year.


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