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Rabinovitch-Mantel, Bonnie A.

Name:Rabinovitch-Mantel, Bonnie A.
Practice In: Divorce & Family Law ,Family Law
Law Firm: Families 1st Law & Mediation
Location:11440 W. Bernardo Ct Suite 256
San Diego, CA 92127
Fax: 858-451-3265

Bonnie was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, where she graduated from McGill University Law School with Honors, Distinction, and two law degrees. Bonnie was published twice in a prominent Canadian Law Journal. Aside from her numerous distinctions, Bonnie has two business degrees, in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, which she also received from McGill University in Montreal. Bonnie's passion has always been the law and she has 13 years experience in Family Law in San Diego. Bonnie is also fluent in four languages. Her depth of experience and educational background makes her uniquely qualified for her work in family law and able to handle the most complex of cases.

According to Bonnie's colleagues, she is a multifaceted dynamo with many talents that make her truly an asset to her clients. She is a passionate and aggressive attorney who has handled many complex matters for her clients with favorable outcomes.

Bonnie can bring a humorous approach to even the toughest situations and her clients love her dedication and personal attention. When Bonnie is not at work she enjoys hiking, weight lifting, horseback riding and reading. Bonnie has been married for 12 years and she has three wonderful children who are her pride and joy and the main reasons she brings such passion to her career.

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